Terms of Use

Thank you for your interest in the German Archive for Diaries (Deutsches Tagebucharchiv e.V./DTA)

Please read the following information carefully so that we can help you with your request as efficiently as possible:

  • When consulting our online catalog (Axiell IS), take some time to find out how you can use it. The catalog enables you to search for documents based on keywords, location, names of famous persons and historical events. The result can be filtered by further information such as genre, topic, time period, gender etc.
  • Help with your research 
  • For data protection reasons you will not be able to see the personal data of the authors.
  • We would particularly like to draw your attention to our terms of use. When using and evaluating our records you affect copyrights and individual rights as well as other sensitive personal data. It is therefore imperative that the terms of use be acknowledged by signature before we can work for you.
  • Three examples from our database
  • A research service that goes beyond the provision of basic information (PDF database extract as shown in the examples) is currently only possible after prior agreement (subject to a fee). In your request, please state both the “Sig”-number and, if available, the “Reg”-number!
  • You can reach the DTA-research service directly at recherche[at]tagebucharchiv.de.
  • On-site research: We are happy to make personal research visits possible as well. An appointment must be made at least two weeks in advance when ordering the Sig / Reg No. A research visit is not possible without prior order of records. Visiting times are: Tuesday to Thursday 9.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Monday and Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Visits are subject to a fee – currently 30 euros per day. There are discounts for university students when visiting for multiple days. Your own reproductions or reproductions created by DTA will also be invoiced.
  • Please note: only around 22% of our records are in PDF format – such as transcriptions of diaries from the 19th century or from the First World War. Most records are not yet digitally available.
  • Finally, please be patient. Requests will be dealt within the order in which they are received. This may take up to three weeks.


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